Can't wait to find out the gender of your baby? Come see us! We offer gender determination packages starting at 15 weeks and up. We also have other packages to choose from in 3D/4D along with print out 4x6 pictures, CDs and DVDs from your session to take home. You must have an OB care provider as this is not a diagnostic ultrasound. It is a fun ultrasound to capture those sweet wiggles, smiles, yawns, blinks and adorable facial features. We truly believe you will not only get an entertaining 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound session but also awesome quality! Family members and friends are welcome to come! You will have options available of keepsakes to take home with you from your appointment. Be sure to ask about our heartbeat animals and picture frames.



  • What is the difference in 3D and 4D? 3D scans show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension.
  • Is gender determination in color? No gender determination is done in 2D (black and white)
  • Do I need to make an appointment? Yes. We are by appointment only. Some days we can get you in on the same day, just depending on the schedule. Most appointments can be done that same week.
  • Do you accept insurance? No since this is an elective ultrasound we don't accept insurance. We take all major credit cards and cash.
  • What do I need to do before my appointment? We ask that you increase your water intake about a week before your session . This will help with your amniotic fluid level which will determine the clarity of the images. We also suggest juice, candy or a snack 30 minutes before your appointment. This will help get baby moving for us.  Some factors that determine the outcome of your ultrasound are out of our control such as: where your placenta is located, the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby, baby's position, & the overall fetal environment. We will always do our best to get baby to move and get the best images possible. This is why drinking water days in advance and drinking juice on your way to see us is very important. 
  • What if my baby doesn't cooperate? It happens! Sometimes babies are shy whether it be legs closed, hands or feet in the face, face in the placenta, up against the uterine wall or completely turned the wrong direction.  We will always try our best but if still no success will gladly do a rescan for free! 
  • Can I get an estimated fetal weight? Sure! We want to make sure we get you the images you want first and foremost. But, with our 15-20 min or 30 min scan we can do this per request. This is just an estimate!
  • How far along do I have to be for gender determination? We start our gender determinations at 15 weeks and up. When coming for a gender determination please come with a full bladder.
  • When is the best time for a 4D session? We recommend anytime between 28- 32 weeks for the cute "chubby face" pictures. Earlier in the pregnancy baby is more "skeletal" and you get more full body images. However, we have done wonderful scans ranging from 10 weeks-37 weeks. 
  • If I am overweight will I be able to get clear images? Some women may be hesitant to have a 3D/4D session done because of their weight and feeling like they may not get the best images. The greatest advice is to wait until 30 weeks gestation to give the baby more time to get more fat on their face. If you are overweight it is very important to be sure you are drinking more WATER at least 7 days before your appointment. If this is the case you will need to have a very good amount of amniotic fluid to obtain clear images. By drinking more water days in advance there shouldn't be any issues with getting wonderful images. 
  • What if my baby is in the breech position? Breech positioning is when the baby's head is facing up at the top of your uterus with their bottom down. If you do know that baby is in this position we suggest you wait until baby has flipped to vertex (head down) position. We are still able to get images if baby is breech but sometimes it can make it challenging. Waiting to come in once baby has flipped is recommended. However, some babies remain breech until the end of pregnancy. If this is the case increasing your water intake at least a week before will be very important in determining the quality of the images we can get.
  • Can I bring family or friends with me? Yes! We absolutely want you to bring family and friends to join you in this special experience. We also allow kids. Our ultrasound room has enough seating for mom plus 5. More are welcome to come stand.
  • How many weeks gestation do I have to be to have a session done? The earliest we can do an ultrasound is around 8 weeks gestation. 
  • Is it worth it coming in before 28-34 weeks to have a 3D/4D session? Many moms want to come in sooner to see their baby and we totally understand! Images will be of the baby's whole body and before baby starts packing on fat.  It is still a fun experience to watch baby kick & wiggle around!